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Gilles Seroin, good humoured

Corsican winegrowers have a sense of sharing

Before setting the table for a delicious festive meal, Settimana asked them to talk about the wine produced by their fellow winemakers and neighbours. In a collective profession such as this, it’s only natural.

Such a request may seem incongruous: to invite winemakers to talk about each other's wine while setting the festive table. But the culture of wine is tinged with passion and emotion, which lends itself to a sharing experience.


And they are happy to go along with this match. Harmonising the wine with food, perfectly pairing – always with admiration and pride for the work accomplished by their fellow winemakers.


Making wine takes time and involves many processes. The hazards of the weather, the maturation of the grapes, the vinification of the harvest, the aging, and finally the storing of the wine. The hard work undertaken by Corsican winemakers in recent years to bring Corsican wine on, is a giant leap forward for all wine lovers.  


The selection of the wine in this way proves another certainty. When it comes to choosing wines to compliment your holiday meals, there is no need to look elsewhere. Whatever type of wine, whatever pairing required, Corsican winemakers, whether they work in private cellars or in cooperative groups, are able to deliver the perfect taste. And above all, they bring their own identity, and their own originality: sciaccarellu, niellucciu, vermentinu, biancu gentile, minustellu, carcaghjolu neru, the range of native grape varieties is so diverse that it offers compositions and vintages that are truly original.


Éric Poli, Christian Estève, Gilles Seroin, Pierre Acquaviva, Christian Orsucci, Jean-Baptiste de Peretti Della Rocca, Marie-Brigitte Poli, and Françoise Giudicelli have proved themselves as knowledgeable guides. They love their job and of course, wine. As an added bonus, they are interested in gastronomy.


Gilles Seroin, good humoured


Gilles Seroin (Domaine Sant Armettu) also cultivates the art of original vintages, made with a strong identity on lands that dominate the gulf of Propriano. And of the wines that have become legendary, his Myrthus is amongst the greatest. He has long believed that native grape varieties are the major asset of the Corsican vineyard, but he accepts with good humour that other varieties add to a wider choice of tastes. A mark of a great winemaker.

His choices: a white Ornasca with an aperitif, starter and with seafood. A white Cardillone from Clos d'Alzeto with smoked or cooked fish, "a nice vintage"; the fiuri d' Alzipratu , half minustellu, half aleatico, to accompany lamb, "pleasant on the nose, with a nice structure, quite stunning” he adds.

The winemaker is drawn to his roots. In Rivia, traditions on the southern tip of the island, goat meat is part of the traditional Christmas meal. Gilles Seroin puts it on the menu, accompanied by Domaine Andriella 's Cuvée Extrême, "a natural, rustic sciaccarellu", which pairs well with the dish.

Finally, for dessert, he recommends a muscatel from Clos Nicrosi .  

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