La Route de Saint Martin: learn about the riches of Corsica in a different way

"A via San Martinu Corsica" on the move for respectful and ethical tourism!

San Martinu is celebrated in Corsica around 11 November. As patron Saint of winegrowers, many villages celebrate him enthusiastically. This is an opportunity for villagers to meet and share with each other, for example during the “Festivale di a Ruralità” in Patrimoniu, in the region of Nebbiu. The route also aims to unite the local districts connected by their Martinian heritage.

“A Via San Martinu” or “A Banda Verde è Citadina” (the green citizen band) is an itinerary that offers pilgrim walkers an innovative, ethical, social and environmental journey.  This path is part of a sustainable tourism project on a smaller scale and gives walkers the opportunity to share and converse with local inhabitants.


The route allows the time to learn about the area in a different manner, to meet farmers, producers and local cultural protagonists, as well as also exploring the Island's tangible and intangible heritage. Travel between places respects the natural sites passed through by defending eco-citizen values ​​of sharing.   


The first stage of the “Via San Martinu Corsica” links Patrimoniu to Ville di Pietrabugno over the course of around twenty kilometres (12.5 miles).


Watch the presentation video: 


In the future 

The Corsican part of the route is planned to be over a hundred km:  Nebbiu-Conca d'Oru, Cap Corse, Corse Orientale... The objective is to cover the entire territory, from the North to the Far South



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