To discover its true heart you’ll need to conquer the GR20 long-distance path.

Considered one of the world’s most beautiful hiking trails, this route crosses Corsica from north to south and encompasses Mount Cinto, the “roof of Corsica”, at an altitude of 2,710m. Stride across the rocky mountains of the north of the island before tackling the peaks in the south. Cross the Massif de Bavella and discover the “Trou de la Bombe”, a huge natural excavation eroded out of a granite wall; climb up to the Capitello breach from where the views encompass deepwater lakes; or scale the summit of the impressive Mount Incudine.

For visitors keen on competitive hiking, spring is the ideal season. Why not enter the “Foulées Cortenaises”, or the Corsica Raid Aventure with its numerous categories covering a range of activities. Perhaps stride out along the “Mare a Mare” hiking path which runs from Porto-Vecchio to Propriano through the heart of the Alta-Rocca region. This route plunges into the very depths of Corsica with an azure-blue sea at either end. Or test yourself with the “Mare e Monti” experience, a trail linking Calenzana with Cargèse. With either of these walks, you’ll really feel as though you’re experiencing the hidden Corsica.

After such intense effort, reward yourself with a few hours’ rest in one of our impressive refuges, often sculpted out of the rock, where you can refresh yourself with the purest water you’re ever likely to taste!

Coastal hiking

A region with a stunning variety of landscapes, Corsica is one of the most beautiful destinations in France for coastal hiking enthusiasts.

Stride out along our coastline, enjoying long beach walks such as those on offer in Erbalunga, stopping along the way at its tiny fishing port, a listed historic monument. You can also discover the coastal footpath which starts at Macinaggio and ends in Centuri, France’s leading lobster fishing port, and provides stunning sea views along its length. These hikes, and many others like them, introduce visitors to the scents and sounds of Corsica, offering ample opportunities for cooling dips in the sea along the way.

One final recommendation for cinema-lovers: make sure you visit the beach in Saleccia, in the Agriates region just a short distance from Saint Florent, the setting for one of the most famous scenes in the history of the big screen: the re-enactment of the landing in the film The Longest Day. As you can see, Corsica has every type of landscape imaginable, including the beaches of Normandy! Hollywood’s leading directors can’t be wrong – the island’s enchanting landscapes are perfectly in keeping with the magic of cinema. Hiking introduces visitors to the scents and sounds of Corsica.