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Meet with Chef Romain Masset, La Signora restaurant

Ideally located a few minutes from the citadel and the superb beaches of Calvi, surrounded by hundred-year-old pine trees, eucalyptus, palm trees, olive trees and orange trees, nestles a little paradise, La Signoria, a Genoese dwelling dating from the 18th century. There is no better place to taste the refined and delicate cuisine of starred chef Romain Masset.

Dining in or on the large terrace overlooking the mountains and the Bonifato forest is a unique moment orchestrated by a chef with an impeccable track record.

When he was young, Romain was fascinated to see his grandfather in the kitchen preparing family meals. These moments of exchange and sharing were to be decisive for the young boy. After training as a pork butcher at the CEPROC and then as a chef at the Médéric School in Paris, the diligent student brilliantly climbed the ladder and enriched his experience in the greatest French restaurants. At Drouant with Louis Grondard, he learns the classic basics of gastronomy and the search for flavours. Yannick Franques at the Château Saint-Martin, then introduced him to modernity and freedom of expression. Finally, it was with Régis and Jacques Marcon at Saint-Bonnet-Le-Froid that the chef learned about the constant search for excellence.

Finalist of the MOF (one of the best craftsmen in France) cuisine in 2018 and third at the Bocuse d'or in 2019, Romain Masset took over the kitchens of the Signoria in April 2021 to take part in the Mediterranean style of cooking, which he marvellously combines with the flavours of the land. All the flavours of Corsica are expressed in his fragrant, creative and subtle cuisine, using local products of exceptional quality and skillfully combined.

 In his dishes, the flowers of the Balagne, the scents of the maquis, the freshness of the vegetables from the Signoria's vegetable garden are combined with the delicacy of Mediterranean fish and the flavour of free-range meat, like an ode to the majestic island that has adopted him. We must salute the promising work of his sous chef, Alex Negretti, who is working alongside him.


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The Chef’s places

 Fruit and vegetables : Diogo market gardener of the Signoria in Calvi

Tiger calf : Antoine Abbatucci in Serra-di-Ferro -

Honey : Adan Hander in Calenzana -

Charcuterie : Samira Pierlovisi, A Muresca in Cuttoli-Corticchiato



Discovery menu: 120 €, Experience menu: 160 €, A la carte average price: 125 €.

La Signoria 

Route de la Forêt de Bonifato, 20260 Calvi

Tel: 04 95 65 93 00 -





Ingredients for 4 people:

For the artichoke: 8 pepper artichokes • 1 onion •  1 carrot •  20 g white wine

• 1 l of vegetable stock •  10 g of geranium • For the English-style breadcrumbs: 1 egg •  50 g flour •  200 g breadcrumbs •  For the artichoke purée: 1 camus artichoke • 250 g vegetable stock • 1 clementine •  For the pickles: 4 small pepper artichokes •  500 g pickle syrup •

250 g cream •  30 g geranium •  For the tartlet: 150 g shortcrust pastry •  1 camus artichoke •  1 clementine •  For the geranium syrup: 10 g clementine juice • 10 g clementine juice •  For the tuile: 10 g flour • 24 g grape seed oil •  20 g water


Preparation: 1 h 30 min / Rest: 40 min

For the artichoke: Turn the artichoke, peel the vegetables, and then cut them into paysanne-style (thinly sliced) shapes. Brown the vegetables in a frying pan with oil, add the artichokes, deglaze them with white wine, then moisten them with the vegetable stock and geranium. Cook for about 25 minutes.

 For the artichoke purée: Turn the artichoke, then cook it with the vegetable stock. Blend the artichoke until you have a fairly compact purée. Season, then grate the clementine skin. Stuff the artichokes with the purée, stick them together and then bread them in English style. Set aside to fry.

For the pickles: Turn the artichokes, blanch them in a saucepan for 5 minutes then set them aside in a jar with the boiling syrup prepared the day before. Blend the cream with the geranium, sieve and reserve three quarters for the syphon and whisk the rest. Drain the pickles and garnish with the cream. Set aside in a cool place.

For the tartlet: Roll out the pastry and shape it into tartlet moulds. Bake at 160°C for 8 minutes. Set aside. Turn the artichoke and cut into small cubes. Cut the clementine into brunoise, mix with the artichoke and garnish the tartlets.

For the siphon: Take the geranium cream made beforehand, rectify with the clementine juice. Siphon and garnish the tartlets.

For the tuile: Mix all the elements in a calotte, then mould into moulds and bake at 160°C for 5 minutes.

For the dressing: Fry the artichoke, cut it in half and dress to taste.


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