A tumbera

Rural fair : Art of living and gastronomy

Agricultural food, Cheese, Gastronomy, Olive oil, Honey, Wine-oenology

Col Saint Roch, 20160 Renno

04 95 26 65 35

Website : www.ouestcorsica.com

Website : www.ouestcorsica.com

Event date : The 4 February

Coach parking : Yes


This traditional fair is the first fair of the year and its theme is pork and all the different pork-based preparations in Corsican cooking. Tumbera joins in an approach of accompaniment of the producers and the social and occupational for the obtaining of an AOC(PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) Corsican delicatessen. This popular and friendly demonstration gathers numerous exhibitors around some time forts: pulenta, brocciu and figatellu, demonstration of cooking with Cucina Corsa, auction of the cut pig, the musical animations...Tumbera is a shop window of the quality production which values and promotes the porcine sector, the source of economic fallout for the municipalities of the inside. Organized by a team of dynamic volunteers and lover of their village, the first rural fair of the year stays a moment warm to share in family or between friends in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions of Corsica.