One of the most important crafts on the island is knife-making. Knives are made by hand and lovingly sheathed with wood from Corsican forests or scrubland, while the blades are patiently forged using the best steel. The arrival of new producers has seen the introduction of modern ideas to this industry, which attracts visitors from across the globe to its workshops inland. By combining authentic materials, excellent techniques, artistic creativity and a sense of identity, these knife-makers have succeeded in modernising their production methods.

Coral has fascinated mankind for centuries. In Corsica, its red colour and mineral skeleton have been compared with the blood of the Gorgon killed by Perseus in Greek mythology. The most beautiful red coral in the world is found in the Straits of Bonifacio. Allow yourself to be tempted by the pearls and branches of coral fished from the deepest seas and then made into precious jewellery by skilled goldsmiths. This “red gold of the Mediterranean” is the pride and joy of the island.

Admire Corsica’s variety of crafts, with potters, ceramicists, stringed instrument-makers, knife-makers and jewellers all keen to share their talents. Learn all about their art and creativity, and maybe even try your hand at their craft yourself.