By Nathalie the 27/05/2021

An island of welcome and sharing

Corsica, a thousand flavors and know-how to discover throughout the seasons

A land of opulent scents and fleshy varieties of grape, the birthplace of tasty cuisine, a place for fishing and hunting, the cradle of ancestral artisan crafts and vast knowledge, Corsica and its residents have a gift for friendliness and enjoy sharing the art of living with their guests.

The art of living and sharing

For those curious to know about their history and traditions, Corsicans will show their visitors modest but authentic hospitality. In the shady village squares or in the intimacy of their homes, their welcome is always warm and conversations often continue late into the night…


With pigs traditionally being given the free run of the oak and chestnut groves, Corsican charcuterie cannot be equaled (Coppa, Figatellu, Lonzu…). In the markets, in shops, or in the village, Corsicans slice the prisuttu with skill and share it willingly with friendly visitors. Likewise, each valley produces its own cheeses (Venacais, Niolin…) and at high altitude, each region has its wines and its AOC [controlled designation of origin - known in French as Appellation d’origine contrôlée].


Corsicans are very keen on preserving their culture, and they like nothing better than to share it. Throughout the year, from fairs to expositions, in simple shops or authentic restaurants, one can taste olive oil, chestnut specialties, AOC honey, and wines from Patrimonio, Sartène, or elsewhere… A taste of magic and human charm. In Upper Corsica and in Southern Corsica, enjoy artisan crafts, the true tradition of the island by going to the artists’ homes: cutlery and jewelry are especially well-known. 

To do

Tour the wineries to discover the island’s ten AOC regions. Enjoy hikes in the scrubland in the spring, drinking in the delicate perfume of the newly blooming flowers. Experience the variety of wine, cheese, olive oil, chestnuts, honey and other fare… They blend in with religious festivals setting the rhythm for the Corsican calendar throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to treat yourself and savor the best of Corsican cuisine. Knock on the doors of the artisans in towns and villages; many potters, pipe makers, olive wood carvers, etc. have preserved their knowledge and demonstrate it with pride.


With the many annual festivals in Corsica, the most difficult task is choosing which ones to attend. Secular, athletic, or cultural, all take place in a spirit of friendliness. Whether at canyoning races, traditional song festivals, or religious processions, the goal is always to share the rare feeling of a moment of Corsican life. Go to the Sunday morning flea market in Bastia; the Napoleonic festivals of Ajaccio; or for a change of scenery, the Pratu artisan and livestock fair in Castagniccia. 

Short adventure vacations

At the end of March in Sainte Lucie de Tallano, the festival of new oil is held. You can visit the neighboring mills and taste the year’s production. In April in Sartène, take three days to see the city, its surrounding scrubland, and participate in the most famous Black Friday procession: U Catenacciu. In June, take advantage of the Calvi Jazz Festival and discover the famous fortress, as well as the villages of Balagne.

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