By Clemence the 08/07/2019

Meeting with Brice Sarti, state-certified hiking guide (A Piuma)

Hiking with a picnic and musical sunset, an unusual and unique hike in Corsica powered by A Piuma: an original outing with Corsican flavours.

Brice's interview on the unusual musical sunset hike 

How did you come up with this concept?

The idea of sunsets came to me when I discovered this place one day during a paragliding flight at the end of the day.

When I discovered this place a stone's throw from Ajaccio, I thought it was absolutely necessary to help people discover it. I must have passed by it many times without ascending it.


What are, in your opinion, the strong points of this walk?

The 360° view and these sights, opening up right before you arrive and, at the same time, the emptiness that flows into the sea, linked with the end-of-day lights.

Everything was in place for offering a viable product: a well-maintained path for a cool hike starting at 18:30, a welcoming car park, the crossing of a village that showcases the heritage side. Then I added music on the advice of my friend Florian Manonni, and this brings a touch of emotion to the discovery of the place.

Finally, in terms of products we have the Auberge du Prunelli which supported me, providing me with quality products by making them accessible. 

In short?

An unusual hike, an original product, a memorable experience, to be discovered by holidaymakers and locals alike.