By Antoine the 27/03/2019

Top 10 thrilling activities in Corsica

For thrillseekers and adventurous types, activities are not lacking in Corsica!

1. Paragliding

Fly through the air and admire the island from above! Why not plan to do your paragliding initiation while on holiday?


2. Canyoning

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you can go canyoning in all regions of the island. Canyoning is the ideal activity for discovering forests and rivers alongside a professional. Jumping into pools, waterfall swimming and descending down currents will entertain the whole family.

NB: this activity requires accompaniment by a professional



3. Bungee jumping

In the forest of Ospedale, ascend to 25 metres above ground – where the mountains stand out from the forest – before jumping into the void: a strong sensation that will anchor this memory in the depths of your gut!

© X'Jump © X'Jump

4. Via ferrata

Explore Corsica by climbing its rocks and crossing the paths of its most beautiful forests, rivers and lakes, testing your resistance to vertigo.

Our professionals offer courses adapted to your level. Don’t hesitate to contact them for more information.



5. Tree climbing

Practise scaling a Lariccio pine 30 metres high! Go down the slopes with ziplines of several dozen metres and jump like Tarzan into the net. Go from tree to tree via monkey bars but beware of vertigo! If you have a head for heights, this activity is for you.



6.  MTB

For mountain bike lovers in particular, many routes connect two villages in direct contact with nature. Thrillseekers should try routes such as Solenzara-Solaro: challenging and for the most experienced, measuring 28km and requiring around four hours. Climb to Solaro from Solenzara on the road. Shortly after the fountain, enter the area of ​​the Natural Park and follow the path with significant elevation and mixed terrain: sand, rock and gravel.

© Fotolia © Fotolia

7. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a traction watersport consisting of sliding with a board pulled by a kite. It’s attracting more and more people, especially those looking for thrills. Kitesurfing is more accessible than one might think and it’s not just for an insider audience.



8.  Diving

Diving in Corsica is an exceptional way of enjoying the Mediterranean, with the promise of discovering UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Want a dive idea? A 53m long cargo ship was torpedoed during the Second World War off Cervioni – and the wreck now sits on the sand 33m deep. A true oasis in the middle of this large stretch of sand, it shelters many marine species.


© David Paoli © David Paoli

9. Spéléo

An activity to try with the family, with narrower courses, rope jumps and caves for braver participants. Underground excursions will delight the most athletic.


10. Parachuting

And for the bravest? Try a parachute jump! 100% adrenaline, 50 seconds of freefall at 200km/h over the Gulf of Valinco or on the east coast! Soft landings, with videos and photos on request for memories to last a lifetime...




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