• Corsican wines and vineyards

Corsica is a jewellery box of flavours thanks to its quality wines and the variety of its wine production.

The island’s vineyards are unlike any other, being the only island vineyards in France and over 2,000 years old.

The diversity of soils and sun-drenched hillsides, the maritime influence and the unusual juxtaposition of microclimates draw the silhouette of wines and terroirs on a large part of the island’s territory. The Corsican vineyards reflect a strong identity with thousand-year-old roots and unusual grape varieties – and the island roads weave other places of interest into the wine route.

Come and meet passionate winegrowers who will share some of the secrets of these vintages, which were already renowned in ancient times.

Ajaccio, Corsica, Corsica Coteaux du Cap Corse, Corsica Calvi, Corsica Figari, Muscat du Cap Corse, Corsica Porto-Vecchio, Patrimonio, Corsica Sartène… there are many itineraries which all finish with tastings of the wines of these nine appellations d'origine contrôlée (AOC).

Wine lovers will love going in search of the many Corsican estates and sampling the exquisite grape varieties. There are no rules – just let yourself dream and taste! For the more adventurous, put together different aromas and imagine your ideal wine while listening to the winegrowers talk about their art. Between the wine tastings and market strolls, you’ll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Corsica offers a multitude of leisure activities around its wine culturew among stunning, unspoilt natural landscapes, whether you’re exploring by car or motorbike, on foot, on horseback, by bike or by boat. Foodie stops contribute to the social atmosphere, and events and festivals linked to wine are great meeting places – the celebration of St Martin’s Day is a good example. From the mountains to the seaside, Corsica’s vineyards can truly be enjoyed without moderation.  

Oenological inspirations

La Corse terre de vignobles : l'excellence reconnue au niveau international

By Johanna Published 01/04/2019

Du Cap Corse à Bonifacio en passant par le Sartenais, vivez la route des vins et voyagez de régions...

Did you know?

La Route de Saint Martin: learn about the riches of Corsica in a different way

San Martinu is celebrated in Corsica around 11 November. As patron Saint of winegrowers, many villages celebrate him enthusiastically. This is an opportunity for villagers to meet and share with each other, for example during the “Festivale di a Ruralità” in Patrimoniu, in the region of Nebbiu. The route also aims to unite the local districts connected by their Martinian heritage. Lire l'article

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Wines and vineyards

Corsica is a wine growing region like no other. The only island vineyards in France, they are over 2000 years old and bring together opposing elements.
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