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A thousand faces of the island of beauty

There are a thousand and one reasons to make Corsica your next holiday destination…

It is a region of beauty that is steeped in history and dotted with towns that shimmer with a thousand colours, all just waiting to be explored. Small villages backed by majestic mountains or embracing the sea are as numerous as the promises of cherished memories to be made here.

Conversation with Joseph Antoine Salviani, Aghja Suttana Estate in Santa Lucia di Mercuriu

The Aghja Suttana Estate is located in the area of Centre Corse, in Sainte Lucie de Mercuriu in the region of Boziu, and 15 km from Corte. It is a family estate where the childhood memories of Joseph Antoine Salviani have been revived. Brimming with ancestral objects that rekindle the soul of past generations, over the years it has become a place that Joseph Antoine has yearned to share with visitors who have a love for Corsica. The master of the estate loves revealing its treasures, including the main house transformed into lodges, the furnished pagliaghji (basic stone shelters), the crêperie and the fine products it offers, as well as the ecomuseum retracing the history of Boziu. Guided tour of the estate...

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