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  • Corsica

    an exceptional destination for business travel.

Business Tourism in Corsica

Renowned for its crystal blue waters and beaches of fine sand, its strong character and well preserved natural environment, Corsica is also sure to seduce you when it comes to organising your seminars, incentives, meetings, conventions and congresses... So near and yet a world away, here you can get away from it all thanks to the unique climate, landscape, atmosphere, people and history. Corsica invites you to come and discover! 
When it comes to organising all of your business events, the island provides you with all the advantages of a top destination as well as an opportunity to experience an authentic adventure that takes you away from everything and places you in between the sea and the mountains… in the land of Corsica.
A local savoir-faire that is ideally suited to incentives and which makes the most of the historic and cultural heritage in order to offer a new range of products that will perfectly satisfy your needs.
 In an exceptional setting, delegates will discover a perfectly preserved natural environment and remarkable traditions that will help them to enjoy some unforgettable business trips and events!

You’ll enjoy peace of mind when you travel Corsica

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