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The GT20: the ‘great crossing’ from Capi to Bonifacio

This is the new flagship of cyclo-tourism promoted by the Corsica tourist board. With its 13 stages spread over 550km, the challenge is worth it. On a road bike, mountain bike or even an electric bike, it’s another newly emerging face of Corsica.

When the tortuous relief of the island turns into a great adventure playground, it reveals a large backbone stretching from the Capi to Bonifacio. The ‘great crossing’ is aptly named. In its wake are the subtle charms of mountain villages, a bird’s-eye view of the sea and a possible escape to the ethereal peaks of the GR20. Thrillseekers or those eager to relax and have a change of scene will be won over. Whether you’re a sportsman or a simple hedonist, the choice is vast. In a way, everyone has their own GT20. History varies the pleasures.


> See the OPEN RUNNER route of the GT 20 route 

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